MEA DIGNITA is a “young” niche brand - encouraged by the growing Awareness of values ​​and new demands and expectations from Customers who are the trigger for profound changes and rethinking in the fashion industry. Year after year, huge amounts of clothing are still produced without need, sometimes under questionable circumstances, only to be thrown away. "Fast fashion" - faster and shorter, especially often less thoughtful, consumption. “Keeping waste low and customer satisfaction high” Convinced of this attitude and the enormous potential, MEA DIGNITA dedicates itself uncompromisingly to build a brand that is aware and future-oriented - with appreciation and respect - designs and produces fashion in small quantities that is sustainably oriented towards specific customer requirements.

Our own atelier in Switzerland makes it possible to meet these high standards in almost "couture-fair" processing with high-quality, selected fabrics, to be implemented creatively and interpreted in a feminine way.

MEA DIGNITA is for women who are confident about life. A woman that knows what she wants, who she is and what underlines her personality.

For MEA DIGNITA, the focus is clearly on women. The inspiration for the collection is a woman's very concrete vision, her attitude to life and their living environment.

The creations are tailored to this woman and her needs. The collection is aimed at a very feminine, self-confident woman who has found her personal style regardless of the current trends.

A woman who is professionally or privately active and is looking for sophisticated, wearable, easy-to-combine fashion for the office or everyday life.

Or a woman in social life who has a special outfit for a wide variety of occasions required - Mea Dignita accompanies you from morning to evening, seven days in of the week: With multi-faceted, exclusive fashion with which she likes to adorn herself and which adapts to her lifestyle: for business & daily life, cocktail & Society - fashion that is correct but also subtly sexy or uncomplicated and casual - but always positive, appealing, very feminine, surrounded by a touch of luxury.

This claim determines the criteria for the entire collection structure and is one of the essential foundations of the brand philosophy.

„not just fashion – it’s all about me ...”
As precious and unique as I am


Theodora Grob

Believes It’s a matter of dignity having the courage to do what we love and doing great things with passion. 

Born in Romania and living for 20 years in Switzerland Theodora can perfectly combine the Latin roots with the accuracy of Swiss prestige. Her wide acknowledge includes professional Fashion Sales Management and enthusiasm for Fashion Design as well as Property Management and high talent for interior design. 

Her ambitious as CEO at MEA DIGNITA are determined by the love for elegance, grace, exclusivity, accuracy, and fairness. Her fashion style is an homage to the beauty of every woman, putting sexiness through subtle details in foreground. 

Amirata Samari

He is a Fashion Designer with an international background and 16 years of experience. 

Designing for Italian and international luxury brands makes up much of his professional career; he has travelled to capitals including Tokyo, Seoul, NY, London, Milan and Paris for trend and innovation research, as well as social media marketing strategies.

He not only keeps an eye on the latest trends, but translates them into wearable collections that celebrate the women of Mea Dignita’s needs and wishes.

In his own words, “I am an artist at heart, love my work and do it with passion.”

Lea Tanner

She is a happy person - she is allowed to do the job she dreamed of as a child. At a young age she sewed and designed clothes for her dolls. After completing the apprenticeship as a dressmaker, she specialized in bridal fashion and traditional costumes. Couture production is Lea's greatest passion - the fine work by hand, a lot of patience and Sensitivity is required. With her talent, she creates masterpieces from the exclusive materials at MEA DIGNITA.

She supports the team with her excellent way of working - precise, fast, flexible and at the same time always happy.

Priska Scheiwiller 

She successfully completed her apprenticeship as a Dressmaker in a professional couture studio in St Gallen, while completing her Degree.

Since 2019, she has been living her childhood dream of using her expertise with great motivation to create unique pieces out of every designer’s vision. Both customers and our team are enchanted with her friendly manners.

As a little girl, she sewed clothes for her dolls and those of her friends, always with the goal of one day becoming a "real" dressmaker and following in the footsteps of her grandmother.

She loves the daily challenges of producing tailor-made customer orders and exclusive collections from high-quality fabrics, appreciating the sustainable principles of Mea Dignita.